How do i measure my ring size?

There are several ways  of measurıng your ring size.

Method  1 ( inner circumference in mm ). Measure the inner circumference of a ring you already have and know is the right size, using a tape measure. If the circumference is 5 mm, you need a size 56 ring.

Method 2 (inner diamenter in mm x pi). Use a Vemier caliper measuring device to measure the inner diamenter of your ring and multiply by pi. If, for example, you the inner diamenter measures 17 mm, the appropriate size is 53,40 ( 17mm * 3,14159 = size 53,10 ).

Bellow follows a list of examples of which size different diamenters are equal to:

K 1/2 50 mm 
M 1/2 52 mm 
 N 1/253 mm  
55 mm  
P 1/2 56 mm  
 R58 mm 
R 1/2 59 mm  
 T61 mm  
62 mm  
V 1/2 64 mm  
66 mm  
Y 1/2 67 mm 
68 mm  
Z +1 70 mm  



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